Straight and How It Works in Poker

To study poker and win while gambling at the BetChan, you need to know exactly not only the name of each combination, its composition and strength but also to use it in different game situations.

Definition and Characteristics of a Straight

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A straight is a poker hand consisting of five cards lined up in ascending order of rank. For example, 4 5 6 7 8 is a straight from 4 to 8, where all cards follow each other exactly in order of rank, without gaps.

When collecting a straight, suits are not taken into account. This means that all cards can be multi-suit. If you manage to collect such a sequence, consisting of all five single-suit cards, then this combination is called a straight flush – it’s the penultimate in the list of the strongest deals.

A straight can be collected in one hand by several players at once. In this case, it is determined who has the stronger set. The higher the highest card in the sequence, the greater its strength. It’s logical to assume that the straight with an ace is the highest.

The point is that a straight has an interesting feature. In this hand, the ace can take two values at once, both the highest and the lowest card.

A straight in poker involving an ace can be the strongest and the weakest. The weakest is also called the wheel, which is justified by closing the sequence between the biggest and the smallest cards.

Ways to Make a Straight

In Texas Hold’em, any combination can be made from pocket cards, as well as from the cards on the table, which are common. The more pocket cards are involved in the formation of the hand, the stronger and more promising it becomes in terms of profit. The straight is also no exception. So, let’s look at all the variations of the straight in poker.

The hand is on the board. In this case, many beginners think the pot will be divided equally among the contestants. They don’t take into account that someone might have a card or even two cards that make the strongest straight.

The next way to collect straight in poker is to use one pocket card and four from the board. This is a better option, but it still has flaws. If you have a card in your hand that closes the straight on the low end, that hand may be the weakest. It would be inferior to an older straight.

Straight Draw

Rarely does the straight come to a player on the flop. But how do you know if you have a chance to make that hand? By the three or four cards that make up the sequence.

If you have three cards in ascending order on the flop, this combination is called a backdoor straight. To make it close, you have to get one specific card on both the turn and the river. Simply put, you have four outs on the turn and then four more outs on the river. Obviously, it’s not a good idea to get such hands, because they’re rarely going to turn into a straight.

A straight draw is an incomplete straight in poker, with just one card missing. But you should understand that there are two versions of straight draws, and they have different chances of making up the final combination.

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