Live Casino Games and What Makes Them Different

Today the sphere of gambling entertainment is rapidly evolving. Fans of betting are constantly being offered new solutions. Innovations concern various aspects of this type of entertainment, including the organization of the gameplay. So, a few years ago, all Bob Casino visitors were offered live casino games.

What Is a Live Casino?

Live dealer

Live casinos are a modern interpretation of the once-existing land-based clubs that operated around the world. However, with the coming out of the gambling ban, all legal gambling houses were closed. Over time, most of these modernized and began to offer players to bet online. Even today, customers of such institutions are offered to place bets in computer versions of slot machines, which used to fill the casino halls.

However, such entertainment over time bored customers, so content developers began to offer new software – games with live dealers, which filled the live casino. Simply put, a live casino is a virtual institution where each customer gets an opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a land-based club and play a game with a real dealer.

The Range of Entertainment at the Live Casino

The range of live casino games is filled with a variety of gambling games. The main feature of such is the participation of a live dealer in the gameplay. This is a professionally trained croupier working for a particular virtual institution. Usually, live dealers are qualified to conduct a number of gambling games.

The gamer, who has chosen the live casino games, joins the table with a live dealer and participates in the gameplay. “Joining” takes place through special software that supports audio and video communication. That is, the player can watch every action of the dealer and hear what he says.

The camera filming the room with the live dealer can be controlled by the player. Gambler is allowed to zoom in on the image, follow the movements of the dealer’s hands to prevent cheating with the cards, and so on. Simply put, running the game live casino, the user can observe the whole gameplay and the dealer’s actions, which he performs during the game:

  • Shuffles and deals the cards;
  • Rolls the dice;
  • Spins the roulette wheel and stuff.

The ability to follow the process is offered for all live casino games. On the pages of these virtual institutions gamblers are invited to try their luck in:

  • Blackjack – American, European and other modern versions of the card game.
  • Poker – on the pages of the live casino you can find over a dozen varieties.
  • Roulette – French, European, immersion, no zero and other variations.
  • Baccarat is a game of aristocrats, which is also offered in the live casino in several versions.

Besides classic gambling entertainment, clients of the live casino are offered more specific entertainment. For example, players can play with a live dealer in Monopoly, Sic Bo, Dream Catcher, Spin a Win and others.

Features of Live Casinos

Live casino is a complex organizational and technical company. Creating such a company requires a lot of effort from the operator, who has to obtain an official work permit, find suppliers of specialized software, rent a room and equip it, and select the staff. Due to such a painstaking and costly process, most of the existing online casinos refuse to open the live section and recruit live dealers.

To become an employee of a live casino, each croupier undergoes specialized training and competitive selection. In the latter, employers take into account not only the candidate’s professional skills, but also his or her external qualities. To become a croupier at one of the leading live casinos, the candidate needs to be attractive, speak several languages, be moral and stress-resistant.

When organizing a live casino, special attention is paid to the selection of technological software. To run the game process with live dealers requires advanced software and expensive equipment that will provide a stable connection between the player and the dealer, transmitting sound and images in high resolution.

The Nuances of Gameplay

Among the features of live casinos are not only organizational aspects. For a customer of a virtual casino to enjoy live games requires a stable Internet connection and a positive balance. Demo mode is not available for live games, all bets are made with real money.

To enjoy a live casino, the user has to go through:

  1. Registration in the system of the selected casino.
  2. Identification of the created account.
  3. Making a deposit.

Once the mandatory steps are completed, the customer can proceed to the selection of the preferred entertainment and activation of the game process.

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