The Winamax mobile app

We can’t stress this enough, but it’s a real revolution that has been underway for several years. While mobile apps simply did not exist when the adventures of began, they are now omnipresent and indispensable in the world of sports betting . It’s quite simple: all the sites approved by the ANJ have mobile apps for online betting and of course Winamax is no exception. 

Even if the site dear to Patrick Bruel and created in… 1997 is originally an online poker site, they have specialised with great success in sports betting since 2010. 

How to bet on Winamax with their mobile app?

All the sports betting website managers  will tell you: ease and intuitiveness are the two key words when it comes to developing a mobile sports betting application. Winamax is no exception to the rule and betting on this site using their mobile application is a breeze! 

An important note before you start registering with Winamax via iOS or Android: if you’ve never had an account with them before, you should definitely take advantage of their welcome offer, which allows you to be reimbursed up to $100 on your first bet if it loses. And to make matters worse, according to our information, Winamax is the only sports betting site that also has a dedicated Windows Phone app. If this is your case, don’t hesitate to take advantage of it! 

Betting on Winamax with an Android operating system

Winamax mobile app

Go to the Play Store and download the Winamax mobile application. Note that the application is also available directly on the Winamax website but the process (via the app’s APK) is more complicated and not particularly recommended.

Once you log in for the first time, you will have access to all the sports betting and online poker options on the same app, a unique feature of the Winamax app!

Betting on Winamax with an iOS operating system

You might have guessed it, but the process leading to your first bet on Winamax is almost the same on iOS: go to the App Store and download the Winamax mobile app. After logging in to the site, you’ll quickly see how feature-rich the Winamax app is. 

What are the main features of the Winamax mobile app?

Fantastic and numerous. Even if we have to remain neutral and objective, these are the two qualifiers that came to mind when analysing the main features of the Winamax mobile application. It’s not for nothing that the Winamax mobile application has the best rating for French players on the Play Store at the time of writing: 4.5 out of 5. Basically, you’ll find all the features of the Winamax website on their mobile app. In a way, playing on one or the other doesn’t change anything except that the mobile app is often faster and more intuitive than the website. Among others, we will have particularly appreciated their mobile app for the following points: 

It’s a unique fact on the market: all the features of the Winamax website are available within the same app. This means that you can play poker and sports betting without having to put two different apps on your smartphone.

All of the bets that you would find on the website are also available on the Winamax mobile app. And we have good news if you are planning to take advantage of our free predictions: according to several independent surveys by Odoxa, Winamax has the best odds on the market!

More than 20,000 sports events are available for live streaming from the Winamax website or app. 

Live betting with Winamax mobile app

More than 20,000 sports events! If there is one figure that makes you feel a little bit dizzy on Winamax, it’s the number of sports matches available via live streaming. And that’s good news because not only is it, in our opinion, an excellent way to maximise your chances of winning in sports betting, but the mobile application is also very well designed to allow you to watch and bet live at the same time. Note that you will be able to enjoy not only Ligue 1 but also NBA games, Champions League games, most major European leagues and many more. 

Is it possible to bet on online poker with Winamax on a mobile app?

Winamax mobile poker

Even though PokerStars has always been a very tough competitor , Winamax has been one of the leaders in online poker in our country for over 15 years. They have been offering a mobile application for online poker for many, many years and there are a few things that should convince you: 

The welcome bonus can be up to 500 dollars if you have never had an account on their site!

Winamax online poker tournaments (especially through the WAM forum) are very well known for their community aspect and you don’t lose this aspect by playing via the Winamax mobile app.

Whether you want to play via a tablet, smartphone, iOS or Android, the Winamax app offers sports betting and online poker within the same app! 

Winamax mobile app verdict: 9.5 out of 10

There was a big debate within the Winamax analyst team when writing this conclusion: is it possible to give a perfect 10 out of 10 to a mobile sports betting app? We didn’t go that far – nobody is perfect – but all the same: thanks to its fluidity and its countless promotions, the Winamax mobile application is the best . Haven’t you taken advantage of it yet? 

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